• Hi all, i have about 225$ and would like to purchase a mini-Motorcycle, and no not a Scooter. I do not want one of those little pocket rocket things, there way 2 small, but i dont want a full on 1500$ motorcycle either, i want a mini-motorcycle that i can sit on, not kneel on, but not a huge motorcycle, anybody get what im saying, also i would like it to be gas. So post a link here or a site that has what im talkin bout, ty all!

  • i dk wut ur asking....
    are u talkign about the mini choppers or super bikes? $225 isn't going to buy any of those dude... i dk about the mini cchoppers tho.. never checked the pricing on those.

    your not talkign about dirt bikes are you? they do come in different sizes... Yea I know... only i would throw in dirt bikes.. lol they do have a street bike that looks like a dirt bike tho. I was wondering if that was wut u were thinking.. But $300 wouldn’t touch one.

    I’m looking at some sites but all I’m finding is pocket rockets………. itches head

    check this link.. > X18 Warrior 110cc
    dude just be carful buying stuff on the net.. my bro knows a dude that got ripped off. (he thought he was buying a car...he bought nothing)

  • You cant buy a bike frame for 225.
    you cant buy a decent bike period for 1500.
    for about 500 bucks you can find one of the old trail 90 mini bikes. You wont ever be riding it on the street though, maybe on the street in front of yuotr house, but not in traffic.
    You best save more money if you want a bike of any kind. a shitty scooter (moped) starts at about 1500.

    Let's agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be.


  • cheap r 400 and they break really easily. (my uncle had to get 10 grand in surgery wen his broke...)

  • I presume roman955 is talking about second-hand. It might be possible if he is prepared to take something in poor condition and do a lot of work on it.

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