• Is the frenulum really needed?
    I've seen movies where guys didn't have that?

    Also, is masturbation/sex more/less enjoyable that way?

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  • It's there for a reason \:\) It’s supposed to help the foreskin stay in place, and other than that, there are veins and nerves running under it.

    And by all means, don't judge what's "right" from professional porn. Nothing could be farther from reality.

  • But let's say it happens. I know there are guys out there that tore their's?

    Is it harmful when this happens?

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  • As was said, it helps keep the forskin in place. If it were cut, I don't know what it does to the nerve receptors since I don't know how the nerves run in that area. So basically it's not that big of a deal if it were cut.

  • I've torn mine accidentally in my early teens -- I don't think it had any adverse effects, but it wasn't a deep tear either, so nowhere comparable to completely carving the thing out.

    Just like sdp, I too have no idea though what the nerves in the area provide, but I'd say it's probably there for a good reason.

  • OKay. Thanx Both for your replies!

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  • I'm circumcised, but I'm fortunate to have a small piece of my frenulum left, and it is by far the most sensitive and pleasurable part of my penis. So I would say that yes, it is definitely needed, and yes, it adds to the pleasure tremendously.

    Unfortunately for some circumcisions, the frenulum is removed completely. I think most educated doctors who perform circumcisions today make an effort to retain as much of the frenulum they can when removing the foreskin, knowing that it is an important pleasure receptor.

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  • My bf told me yest that when he had sex with his last gf he tore his foreskin. I suspect he might mean the frenulum, but might he be right? i want to know, so i can help him get over what i suspect is now becoming a big thing to him. i am a virgin, adn was wondering how we can prevent the thing happening when we do decide to have sex.
    Ta Muchly

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  • He probably does mean the frenulum. Some guys have a short frenulum ('frenulum breve'), which seems to be genetic, which may tear in first sex if a doctor hasn't cut it longer first. (It then heals and should be all right thereafter.) It's not very common, though being genetic it may be common in some communities.

  • hi there...
    since this thread is about frenulum, i'm not going to make another it goes...
    is there a cure for having frenulum breve??
    can stretching exercises help lengthen the frenulum?

    i'm terrified to go to the doctor for help about the frenulum breve...i know there are surgical ways to lengthen it...
    moreover, it's costly to also visit the doctor...

    any tips or such to help lengethen the banjo string?

  • Yep, it too is skin, afterall. You just have to go less rough on it (and here indeed the only safe way is to pull forward, as then a sudden erection -- and the accompanying filling up of the head -- can't snap the banjo string), and as such you'll take a bit longer to achieve same growth as with the rest of your foreskin.

    So I guess you could pull out the lower part of the foreskin's tip and keep it in a stretched state for a while (within limits of comfort etc., you know, the usual common sense thing), and repeat it as often as you can.

  • It would be interesting to know if there are any references to that method working. The impression I've received is that it's considerably harder to lengthen the frenulum by stretching than it is to stretch the foreskin.

  • I know that since my little accident with it when I was around thirteen, it has grown (although I can't tell you the exact measures of it, and of course the whole penis has grown in the mean time too) -- and I wasn't stretching it every day (let alone know that doing so would lengthen the foreskin and/or the frenulum).

    A bunch of people whom I told to stretch their foreskins likely also had a short frenulum to start with -- I mean it's fairly unlikely that it was long enough for comfortable retraction if they hadn't ever retracted before... It suggests that it does lengthen with work. Now unfortunately one guy who I know has a rather tight frenulum happens to be really lazy about fixing it and recently refuses talking about the matter -- he would be a great test bunny.

    You're right though, and my wording was a bit mild there. "A bit" in my previous post should rather say "quite a bit".

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