Can you get pregnant.... while your on your period

  • me and my fiance were having sex last night and im on my period.... two of the times we decided not to use a condom. and he came inside of me.... but im wondering if i could get pregnant while on my period? ive heard both yes and no to this question. so could some one give me a for sure answer please?


  • A "for sure" answer isn't possible. It's your least fertile time, because it's furthest in time from ovulation, and there's flow in the opposite direction. It would be very unusual indeed to get pregnant from sex during your period. But it's probably not quite impossible, because sperm can live for some days, and some women ovulate early in their period.

  • If your having sex and have the proper organs then you should probably assume its possible.

    Unless the organs have been removed entirely then there is some chance regardless of how small.

    Even with birth control, condoms, and spermicide a child is still possible. Highly Highly Highly unlikely but, possible.

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  • i doubt it vvvvv much unless you have a second separate reproductive system.. which is possible but very unlikely.
    To get pregnant you usually have to have sex around day 14-15. On your period you are on days 24-28 depending on the range of your cycle. Hope this helps

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  • thanks guys this really helps. \:\)

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