Does this need medication?

  • Ok, I've just been thinking about my life and such. Thing that's on my mind is my uncertainty rearding my anxiety problem. Here's the problem, I fail to go out and do anything I want to do and I can't go out and get myself a job, I also can't leave my home for college without nearly vomiting everytime. I'm currently under talk therapy which does give help. Thing is I need something to make me take that step out and do some of the things I want. I can't really do that and I've explained this a ton of times, so does this type of 'unableness' (as I would call it), point towards the aid of medication? I'm just trying to work out if I actually need medication to help me.

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  • Your therapist will be better placed to judge what will help best in your particular circumstances, but anti-anxiety medication has been getting better. The traditional medication was benzodiazepines. They are very useful for acute crises, but if they are taken regularly they get less and less effective, and you become dependent on them, and getting off them is unpleasant. However there are now several non-benzodiazepine medications available, and some anti-depressants have been found to be useful for anxiety too.

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