How many times does everyone usually masturbate?

  • How many times does everyone masturbate? This can be PER DAY...PER WEEK..PER MONTH...ECT....I usually masturbate depending on my horniness. When I feel really horny I masturbate up to 4 times a day... when I'm feeling average its like once every 3 days. Well hope to hear from EVERYONE soon!

  • twice a day



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  • Hmmm well yea its all about my horniness too. Like if Im really really really super horny Ive been known to do it like 5 or 6 times in one record when I was young just to see how many times I could do it....was maybe like 11 :grin: However on an average day Id say about 2-3 times. Then on days when Im feeling blue I dont masturbate at all :frowning: Heres a question for you though....have you ever tried withholding yourself from masturbating....and if so how long did you last. I myself lasted for a month and 11 days...nothing done to myself and nothing done to me by another, but when I finally gave oh man did I give in....that was definitely a 6 times in one day kind of day. Its crazy too cause when you hold it in for that long (me being a guy) it explodes like you wouldnt believe and you pour out almost half a dixie cup. Now whehter you wanted to hear all that or not...I dont know....but this is a sexuality forum so I figured extra info liek that should be added, otherwise it just wont make for good masturbation chat :scream_cat:

  • On average, probably around once a day. Sometimes 3 or 4 times in a day, sometimes not at all for a week or so. Depends.

  • Normally every other day. Sometimes more.

  • Wow thats alot of Jacking off! I j/o on average about 1 time every 2 days, the most ever was twice on 1 day

  • Once a day keeps the doctor away... it also uses up all your tissues

  • about once a day or every other day, depending on my mood

  • Now a days twice a week. I'm on Paxil and I think it kind of takes away some of my drive. I'm 47.

  • When I was younger I did it all the time (and thats was probably 3 or 4 times a day). Now I only do it once a day or every other day depending on my mood. If I'm really tired or stressed I do it to relax myself so I can sleep </font color>

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  • Yeah me too sis............. </font color>

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  • well normally atleast once a day sometimes 2 but the last 2 weeks since I got a vasectomy and waited my week its been like 5 or 6 times a day plus sex, but Im trying to clean them damned pipes out right now and get into the saddle and shoot some blanks

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  • Depends but lately it's been maybe 3-4 times a week. Mainly in the bathtub or when I go to sleep at night. It's a nice remedy for sleep.

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  • once a day usualy, its good exercise hehehe

  • When I was younger it was all the time, 3-5 times a day. Now it's usually every other day and sometimes I still masterbate 2-3 times a day (Though very rare now lol).

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  • You know, you all are making me feel really bad. I used to think that I was really horny and masturbated a lot. I know I have slowed down in the last few years. When in my late teens and early 20's I know I masturbated pretty much every day, and in the last few years it is pretty much once every other day. But I can only remember 3 or 4 times that I masturbated and/or had sex more than once in the same day. I must not be as horny a fellow as I always thougth I was.

  • Banned

    about 2-5 times a day

    LALAL, mastabate, play games, mastabate (daily sceduel)


  • I used to masturbate daily, but I have slowed down to maybe once a week. I have gone up to eight or so times in one day once or twice.

  • Used to be twice a day, now it's thrice. 4 times on weekends.

    That's 23 times a week, 92 times a month, 1,104 times a year. My gosh! I must've masturbated over 3,000 times! :open_mouth:

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  • Once every day before I go to bed. It's become a habit. Like drinking milk. LOL. I can't sleep without masturbating.

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