• My twin is built and he lifts weights alot.

    since were twins should i be able to get as fit as him?

  • When he told u to look in this section, he meant search for ur answer in previous posts, not repost again. And no, just cuz hes ur twin doesnt mean ull both be physically fit

  • but through my search of this forum, everyones talking about abs and genetics,i just thought because we were twins we would have the same body type, and i didnt repost if you go back to the other forum you will see a diffirent question then the one i posted in this forum.

  • Just try it and find out. I'd say I'm one of the worst hard gainers around, yet I'm still seeing results. Even if you don't get as built as him, you'll definately increase in size.

    Besides, you can use each other for motovation, having a brother who knows what his doing should make it much easier to start.

  • I you are identical twins, eat exactly the same, and do exactly the same thing every day than you should be able to get exactly the same results as him. More realistically speaking, if you're identical twins, or even if you're not completely identical, you should see similar results to him if you exercise the same way he did. There's a lot of variables to account for though. By just starting you won't instantly get the same results as someone who's been working out for a long time. You will see improvement though.

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  • I have a little mini-gym at my house bench, all that jazz, i bet 4 of my arms would'nt even make his arms, and no im not kidding.

    I started doing some weight lifting plan thing today, it feels good to lift weights, just not because its gonna mke you look great because its improving your health also, not just your appreance.

  • Are you identical twins or non-identical? Identical twins have identical genetics, so if you did the same things as him, and ate the same as him, you should get similar results.

    Non-identical twins are just like other brothers, sharing 50% of your genes. In that case you'll never look identical, but of course lifting weights will help you. (You might even end up being more built.)

  • non-identical :frowning:

  • Obviously hes bigger than you now but do you guys have similar physiques if you are physically similar then theres a good chance you can be similar.

  • Hes 6:1 and im 5:9 so where kinda similir height.

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